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Myrtle Beach Sunrise Engagement Session

Over the summer I had a small trip to Myrtle Beach with one of my friends planned, and right before we left I posted that I would loooove to do some sunrise photos on my instagram, and low and behold Vanessa + Scott (whos wedding I’m photographing in December) were also going to be there […]

Cara + Alex | Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography

Cara + Alex had one of the most meaningful ceremonies we have ever been too!  It was a Quaker ceremony that family and friends were invited to stand up and share loving moments they have had with the couple, or witnessed between them.  It was so special to just hear the love sent their way […]

Courtney + Dean | 4T Arena Wedding

Courtney + Deans spring wedding was just gorgeous!  And true to WV form I feel like we had at least 3 seasons that day alone haha.  It sprinkled off and on through the day, but no one let that damper the happiness & love flowing from everywhere.  We even got a beautiful rainbow after the […]

Courtney + Dean | Morgantown, WV Engagement

Courtney + Dean decided on sunset wandering around the wharf and WVU Campus for their engagement photos.  We even ended up getting photobombed by a duck… who followed us for a good 10 minutes haha.  I thought he was going to get in the car with us to go take more at Woodburn.  Enjoy a […]

Best of 2017 Amberlee Christey Photography

A teeeeeeny tiny snippet of some of my favorite wedding photos from 2017!  <3  I know I say it all the time, but I am truly the luckiest ever to have the best brides, grooms, families, and friends that make this job feel amazing and nothing like a job at all <3  

Key Factors that Could Affect Your Wedding Photography Pricing

As you plan your big day, there are a number of different expenses that you will need to plan for, including your wedding photography. There is hardly ever a one-size-fits-all wedding photography package, so before you start budgeting for a photographer, you will not only need to have an idea of your wedding date and […]

3 Things That Could Affect Your Wedding Budget

3 Things That Could Affect Your Wedding Budget Your budget is one of the first things that you will sit down and discuss when planning your wedding. It can also cause the most stress during the planning process. Below are 3 things that could affect your wedding budget and add to your wedding planning stress. […]

Janelle + James! Coopers Rock Engagement Sesssion

I’m up, showered, crammed in to my spanx, cars packed with all kinds of photo equipment, and I’m happy dancing while I blow dry my hair…  That means one thing…. IT’S WEDDING DAY!!!!!!   Janelle + James are getting married today!!!!!  They are such a beautiful couple inside and out!  I got to know them a […]