Morgantown, WV Summer Photography

I can not believe this rotten little toddler is one and a half already!  Layla is technically Benji’s niece but I claim her too :)   At 18 months she is on the move constantly, says all kinds of animal noises, high fives, fist bumps, dances, still laughs harder than any baby I’ve ever seen, has an excited face (see the second photo), blows kisses, and LOOOOOOOVES watermelon!

2016Layla_Hedrick_5212016Layla_Hedrick_5302016Layla_Hedrick_5462016Layla_Hedrick_513 2016Layla_Hedrick_5402016Layla_Hedrick_508 2016Layla_Hedrick_5592016Layla_Hedrick_5052016Layla_Hedrick_6482016Layla_Hedrick_646

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