Abby + Hank! Blue Moon Rising Wedding!

Deep Creek, Maryland

I met Abby, Hank, and their adorable little cutie Veda when they came down from Pennsylvania to my studio.  Hank’s sister, who lives all the way in Oregon, found me on Google and emailed me to set up a time for them to come in.  :)  I sugared up little Miss Veda,  told them about wedding packages and we instantly hit it off!  They are some of the sweetest people I have ever met and I knew their wedding was going to be absolutely perfect!

Well, their wedding was just that plus some!  Blue Moon Rising was such an awesome new venue!  It was like driving up to a bunch of little hobbit houses all over the place and then a fairy tale ceremony spot!  And the teepees for the cocktail hour and reception!!!!  How fun is that?!?!?!  It is so nice that both families plus some have the houses to stay in for the whole weekend and can spend time together around campfires! Both families were the absolute nicest too and gave the best hugs ever!  One of my favorite things Abby’s dad said for the toast was, “You know as the father of the bride, you are most likely going to find something you don’t like about the guy who’s going to take away your daughter, but not with Hank.  We’ve never felt that way.”  Insert melted heart right there folks.  I could seriously go on and on about the day and the love that was just flowing, but I’m going to stop and share a tiny snippet of their photos so you can see for yourselves!

01-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 02-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 04-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 03-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 05-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 06-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD-07-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD-12-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD-10-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD-11-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 14-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 13-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD-09-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 15-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD-

Hank was so excited to see Abby for the first look he snorted.  (Sorry Hank but I had to

share, because it was so cute!)

16-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 17-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 18-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD-19-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD-20-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 23-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD-21-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 22-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 24-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 25-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 28-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD-27-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD-26-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 30-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 31-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 32-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 34-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 33-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 35-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 36-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 37-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 38-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 40-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 39-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 42-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 41-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 43-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 44-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD- 46-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD-47-Blue-Moon-Rising-Deep-Creek-MD-

Photography : Amberlee Christey Photography

Venue:  Blue Moon Rising  – One of our absolute new favorite venues ever!

Flowers: Bouqs

Hair & Makeup: Lake Salon

Officiant – Patty Wells
Lethal DJ



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