Weddings are my jam! I love every single thing about them! Seeing all the loveeeee, all the details, and going 100 mph the whole day is my happy place!

I also rarely make a normal face when a camera is pointed at me.

Now you see me, now you don’t. I have been perfecting my photography ninja skills for over 15 years, and love it! I quite possibly have the best job ever! Oh, and I have absolutely no martial arts abilities, just so we are clear. So, more about me…

  • I love photography
  • I love my rotten cats
  • I am addicted to building things
  • I love anything that sparkles
  • I love traveling and concerts
  • I am a professional photobomber
  • I love mac & cheese
  • Oh, and ice cream, too
  • I love first dances
  • I love last dances
  • I love love and getting to capture it.
  • I love what I do.







And over a gazillion photos!

(give or take)

Make It Fun

One of the first things I tell everyone is that you should absolutely love your wedding day! Make sure you have fun and take it all in, because the GOES FAST! And that’s exactly where I can help! During our pre-planning, I will learn your goals and expectations for your wedding and so on your big day, you can simply sit back and enjoy, but trust that your wedding photography is in good hands!

For me, people make it fun. And when you are a wedding photographer, you have the opportunity to meet so many great people. I could literally talk for hours about weddings, photography, venues, and everything in between,

Destination Wedding Photographer

From local to global, indoor or outdoor, large or small, traditional or non, I honestly love them all! Weddings are an amazing way to showcase the love between two people in their own style. And I am there to capture every part of it, no matter where it’s located!

As you can imagine, planning a destination wedding takes a lot of organization and scheduling. If you are currently planning a destination wedding, please contact me as quickly as possible, even if details are not finalized. Having photographed weddings in locations like Jamaica, Cancun, England, Hawaii, California and New York, I may be able to help answer some questions for you!