Deanna + Brian! Benedict Haid Farm Wedding Photography

Charleston, WV

This has been one absolutely phenomenal wedding season, and I’m not going to lie… I’m pretty sad it’s just about over! I love, loved it sooooooo much!  I’ve seen some amazing love stories this year – and I may already be counting down the days to the start of next year’s season!  <3

Speaking of awesome love stories, Deanna + Brian’s is such a sweet one!  They met in 2007 when they were at a job training in Cleveland.  Deanna had come from Michigan and Brain from West Virginia.   When they left the training they knew they had fallen in love.  They dated on and off until 2012 when Deanna finally decided to move to West Virginia to be with Brian.   She couldn’t stand to say goodbye to him anymore and they both knew that there would never be anyone else. <3 

They had some of the most intimate and loving vows, and I may have had some tears coming from behind my camera… even some tears of laughter when Deanna confessed that when she met Brian she asked if his accent was Australian (see photo of Brian cracking up during ceremony below).  Their children, Stella and Collin, enjoyed the day as members of the bridal party and Mr. Collin looked dapper in his little vest and sun glasses!  It was such a perfect day at the beautiful Benedict Haid Farm outside of Charleston, WV.

Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_01 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_02 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_03 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_04 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_05DDBHenderson_1325 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_06_bride_getting_ready Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_07 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_08 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_09_groom_getting_ready Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_10 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_11 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_12 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_13 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_14  Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_16 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_17 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_18 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_19 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_20 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_22 DDBHenderson_2136edit Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_24 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_25 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_26 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_27 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_28 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_29 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_30 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_31 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_33 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_35 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_36 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_37 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_38 Benedict_Haid_Farm_WV_Wedding_40

Photography:  Amberlee Christey Photography

Venue: Benedict Haid Farm

Wedding Dress: The Boutique by B. Belle

Catering: Rollin Smoke BBQ

DJ: Anthony Lewis

Rentals: A to Z Rentals

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