Emma + Emmett! Benedict Haid Farm

Charleston, WV
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Emma & Emmett had such an intimate and beautiful ceremony this past weekend at Benedict Haid Farm, outside of Charleston, WV.  Even though there was a pretty constant rain the whole day, the only thing that was on everyone’s minds was the wedding ceremony.  It was a beautiful, small ceremony with just their closest of family and friends.  After the ceremony everyone got to enjoy some of Chef Dale Hawkins amazing food!  It was such a laid back, easy going wedding and I couldn’t have been happier to be there to witness and capture the love.  Enjoy a sneak peek!

Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-02  Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-03 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-04 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-05 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-06 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-07 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-08 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-09 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-10 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-11 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-12 EFEPepper_0999 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-14 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-15 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-16 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-17 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-18 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-19 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-20 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-22 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-23 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-24 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-25 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-26 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-27 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-28 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-29 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-30 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-31 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-32 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-33 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-34  Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-36Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-35 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-38 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-39 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-40 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-41     Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-49Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-42Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-44Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-43  Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-Dale-Hawkins-Gluten-Free-Cake-46 Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-Dale-Hawkins-Gluten-Free-Cake-47Benedict-Haid-Farm-Wedding-48

Photography: Amberlee Christey Photography

Venue: Benedict Haid Farm

Caterer: Fish Hawk Acres

Cake: Dale Hawkins

Day of Coordinator: Amanda Fredrickson

5 Responses to Emma + Emmett! Benedict Haid Farm

  1. Katrina says:

    Congratulations Emma and Emmett! These are beautiful pictures.

  2. I just love her dress!! Great photos Amberlee!

  3. Bev Altobello says:

    Photos are absolutely beautiful! I particularly liked the photos with the umbrella!

  4. Neva Miller says:

    This was a lovely wedding, with a lovely couple. We love them both and pray for God’s blessings on and in them throughout their life together.

    Thank you for sending the photos.

    with love,
    Mom and Dad Miller

  5. Adrienne Esposito says:

    Wishing you health, happiness and wonderful adventures!!!

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