Key Factors that Could Affect Your Wedding Photography Pricing

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As you plan your big day, there are a number of different expenses that you will need to plan for, including your wedding photography.

There is hardly ever a one-size-fits-all wedding photography package, so before you start budgeting for a photographer, you will not only need to have an idea of your wedding date and your venue but you will need to decide what’s most important to you as a couple.

Factors that affect your wedding photography pricing

Below are just a few things that could change the price of your wedding photography package.

–  Experience. How long your photographer has been in the wedding business can impact costs, but if you find a photographer who has a style that you love and knows what he or she is doing, the additional cost is definitely worth it.

–  Your wedding date.  If you happen to be getting married on a prime date or even on a very popular day such as a Saturday, it can affect the price of your wedding photography package. If you want to reduce the cost of your photography, you could try selecting a wedding date that is out of season instead.

–  Number of hours.  How long you want your photographer to stick around at your wedding will affect your costs. Most photographers will include a set number of hours in each of their packages and then charge extra for any hours over and above that so keep that in mind when setting a budget.

–  Second Photographers.  Since weddings are busy days filled with countless moments that need to be captured, many photographers will opt to work with a second photographer, which does come at an extra cost. There will be some photographers who won’t need to use an assistant but in most cases, it is highly recommended.

–  Additional photo sessions.  Since getting engaged and planning your wedding is such a special time, many couples also want to capture the proposal or have an engagement shoot before their big day. Remember to factor this in as an extra cost when setting your wedding photography budget.

–  Extras after the wedding. Once your photographer has captured your day, they will give you the option to print your photos, create an album or both, an process that will have additional costs attached to it.

Everybody wants to be able to look back at moments from their wedding day so make sure that you’re purchasing enough hours and that you purchase professional prints from your photographer to display in your home. Every cent that you spend on a photographer is well worth it.


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Photography:  Amberlee Christey Photography

Venue: Wisp Resort

Cake/Dessert:  Lolita Cupcreations

Florist:  Rooted by Design

Make-up:  Casey Phillips

Hair:  Jori Covington

Decorator:  Janelle, Bride

Bridal Shop:  David’s Bridal

Tux:  Jos A Banks


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