Honestly, the fun starts long before your wedding date! I have created a process that allows me to get to know all about you, your wedding and ideas. Take a look at our process below.

And don’t worry, I got you. This will be easy peazy.

Our Process

Initial Consultation

In your initial consultation, we will just spend time chatting about your wedding, thoughts and ideas. We will discuss a number of aspects ranging from colors, themes, your venue, and most importantly your love story! Our whole goal is to then determine the best package for your needs!

From there, you just need to sign the dotted (or digital) line and book your wedding with me!

Let’s Make a Plan!

After booking your wedding photography with me, I will help you to first start plotting out your engagement session, as well as getting started on your wedding plans. I have created a digital questionnaire that l send you, that helps break down all the aspects of your wedding, and allows us to better understand your vision.

This information is such a key aspect to your wedding day photography because we will work together to have everything planned ahead of time, so that on your big day, everything is then on auto-pilot and we can sit back and let it all unfold.

Yea, I know I’m a bit OCD, but trust me, this makes all the difference in the world in your photography!


About 3 months before your wedding (a little more if you need extra time) we plot out your timeline for your wedding day. It helps tremendously when you get everything lined up for your perfect day. This also helps when you are potentially working with other vendors, such as wedding planners, videographers, caterers, DJs — and, let’s be real… husbands.

We will go over all activities of the day, from getting ready and all the family photos you would love to treasure for years, to the ceremony, and then onto the full on party at the end of the evening!

Your Big Day!

It’s that time! But hey, we have everything planned, so this step is easy! All you need to do is enjoy your day!

Final Delivery

After your wedding, I will send you a sneak peek of some of your images within the first few days. I know that you are always excited to see a few shots from your day, and honestly, sharing those initial pics are one of my favorite parts, as well.

The rest of your images will be loaded into your online gallery for you to order, favorite, and download (if in your package) about 5 weeks out. We can then take the time to help discuss ordering any prints, albums, or specialty items to make sure everything is just perfect and that you don’t get too overwhelmed with the tons and tons of photos you get!

Additional Wedding Photography Resources

Here are some other great resources on our site that can help you in planning your wedding photography. Be sure to read some of our reviews, check out our photo collections, or view our other resources. Of course, please don’t hesitate to just contact me if you have any questions.