Christina + Jeff! Married!

Valley Falls, WV Wedding Photographer

It’s only the end of July and we’ve already had the pleasure of photographing several truly unique weddings. From the quintessential locavores to the Devil Went Down to Georgia dancing duo (try saying that five times fast), each couple has wowed us. And then along came Christina and Jeff. Their unplugged ceremony was held by the cascading waters of Valley Falls just outside Fairmont, West Virginia. The couple – and their guests – shed tears of joy as they exchanged the same wedding vows, symbolizing being equals in their marriage. Afterward, everyone was treated to lunch from the Hash Browns New Grounds food truck. Which, by the way, served the most amazing gnocchi. Later that evening, after everyone had a chance to relax and change into more comfortable attire, they reconvened at the Elks Lodge in Morgantown for dinner and … square dancing. Yes! Square dancing. Christina and Jeff, who are extremely active individually and as a couple, learned the art of square dancing while living in Denver, Colorado, and it quickly became a staple in their relationship. It was only natural that it would be part of their wedding as well. Their wedding will, no doubt, be one of our most memorable!

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Photography:  Amberlee Christey Photography

Food Truck:  Hash Browns New Grounds

Ceremony:  Valley Falls

Reception:  Elks Lodge

Band:  Rachel Eddy

Square Dance Caller: Taylor Runner -304-276-8959

Brides Jewelry: Silver Pennies

Wedding Rings:  Cathy Aulick at Intentional Stones

Dress: Coni & Fanc

Cake: Yesterdays

Hair: Tonique



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