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6 Reasons Why You Should Have a Wedding Photo Booth

Wondering if photo booths have become a little dated? Not in the least!

If you’re in the process of planning your wedding and wondering whether you should include a photo booth, here are 5 reasons why you absolutely should!

Why wedding photo booths still rock

You can make it all your own. Just because wedding booths are popular doesn’t mean yours has to be anything like you’ve seen at other weddings. Add your unique style to your photo booth to really give your guests something to remember. We also customize your prints to match your wedding! We can even add your pets on them!

It’s a great source of entertainment.Yes, there will be dancing at your wedding but photo booths just give your guests something extra to enjoy during the evening. Think props, photobombing, and lots of laughter. When people are drinking you get some pretty entertaining photos too!

The photos make for wonderful keepsakes. A photo booth gives your guests something fun and special to remember your wedding by plus you will get some additional light-hearted photos of your guests too. You will get high resolution digital copies of all of the photos after your wedding!

Think reunions. There’s a good chance that some of your friends and family haven’t seen each other in a while or taken a photo together in years. So, think of your photo booth as the perfect opportunity for friends and family to update their own albums too.

They’re a great icebreaker. There are going to be people at your wedding who don’t know each other but a photo booth is a perfect way to break the ice. Guests tend to gather and chat at photo booths so they’re an excellent way for your friends and family to mingle and get to know each other.

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Remember, regardless of whether some people feel a trend is outdated, anything can be updated and refreshed to fit in with the unique style of your wedding, including photo booths.

Check out a few past Berlee Booths from Amberlee Christey Photography below

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    Photobooths are soooooo much fun

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