Kasie + Chris! Dolly Sods, WV Wedding!

Bear Rocks, West Virginia Photographer
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Holy moly I don’t even know what to say about how beautiful Chris & Kasie’s wedding was!  Dolly sods is such an amazing place in West Virginia and then throw in a wedding!!!!  Two of my very favorite things!! My heart was on overload that day!

I met up with Kasie at Cannan Valley to snap a few photos of her finishing getting ready.  We then made the trek up to Bear Rocks so she could marry the love of her life Chris with 14 of their closest family and friends.   They included a sand ceremony, that had sand from Dolly Sods where they loved and were getting married and sand from a trip that they had an argument on to symbolize mixing the good and the sometime grumbly parts that they may experience in marriage.

Chris brought up his drone to fly around and snap some photos too!  I shared a few at the bottom!  How cool!  I won’t go into what happened to my drone in this blog post…  Thats a story for another day…  Haha

We had most perfect sunset too!  I could have photographed them forever that evening!  Enjoy a sneak peek!

004-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-Wildflower-Engagement-ring001-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-The-Vow-Dress-Morgantown 002-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-The-Vow  006-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-mom-seeing-daughter005-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-wildflower-bouquet 007-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-bride009-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-drive 008-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-groom-getting-ready 010-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-groom 011-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-dad-walking-daughter 012-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-ceremony 013-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-bear-rocks 014-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-bear-rocks-overlook 015-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-bear-rocks 016-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-ring-exchange 017-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-kiss 018-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement- 019-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-bride  021-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-Bear-Rocks-Overlook-Sunset  023-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-clouds 024-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement- 025-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-Bride-and-groom-bear-rocks-sunset 026-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-mountains-West-Virginia  029-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-Engagement-Ring-in-Sand 030-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-Bear-Rocks-WV-Sunset 031-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement- 032-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement- 033-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-Sunset-In-Puddle 034-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-Grilling 035-Dolly-Sods-Wedding-Elopement-Bear-Rocks-Drone DCIM101MEDIADJI_0035.JPG DCIM101MEDIADJI_0038.JPG DCIM101MEDIADJI_0051.JPG

Make sure you check out their handsome officiant too while browsing though the pics :)  Thats Benji and yes I rent him out for second shooting, officiating, bartending & photo booth operating <3  We’ve been dating over 4 years now and hes been second shooting with me for 3 of those now and officiating for 2!  He’s jumped in to my love for weddings <3  maybe he was pushed, but when your dating me you have to eat, sleep, drink, and breathe weddings <3 <3 <3 <3

Photography: Amberlee Christey Photography

Officiant: Benji – Through ACP

Wedding Dress: The Vow

Tux:  Daniels of Morgantown

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