Ashley + Trey!

Stonewall Resort, WV Wedding Photography
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I posted on instagram at the end of the night after Ashley + Treys wedding that it was in my top 5 weddings I’ve ever shot! It was such a great day! I swear Ashley was so grateful for everyone there, hugged everyone at least once and had a smile ear to ear every second of the day. Every second of their wedding was magical and downright fun. It even had a unicorn tearing it up the dance floor!

You can see Ashley + Treys engagement session: Here!

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AMTHHollandBB_009_WEB AMTHHollandBB_019_WEB AMTHHollandBB_090_WEB AMTHHollandBB_091_WEB AMTHHollandBB_020_WEBAMTHHollandBB_100_WEB AMTHHollandBB_197_WEBAMTHHollandBB_066_WEB


Studio Update!!!!! I’ve been packing away and getting ready for the move! I should be over to the brand new studio with in the NEXT 10 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited to get over there and get settled! Right now we are planning for an amazing grand opening and open house in April! More details coming soooooooon!


Venue: Stonewall Resort

Photobooth: Berlee Booths

Uplights: Amberlee Christey Photography

DJ: Wenning Entertainment

Officiant: Pattie Aimes

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