Ashley + Trey!

Coopers Rock Engagement Photography
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I feel like I’ve been cooped up inside my office for way too long lately! I absolutely love getting outside and shooting! I was so pumped and excited when Ashely and Trey booked their wedding with me and mentioned they would love to do their engagement session out in the snow! There’s been so much snow lately and today was beyond perfect with beautiful snowflakes falling! A & T knocked it outta the park today! We had so much fun and I could not wait to get back to my office and get their blog up right away!!!! Enjoy!


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  1. Kim Holland says:

    These are absolutely beautiful pictures, I love them so much. You have such a good eye with your camera and portray the love that I know they have for each other so well! Can’t wait to frame one of them. I am Trey’s mom by the way and could be prejudiced but I really am impressed with what you have captured.

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