2013 Fall Family Sessions!

Coopers Rock, WV Photographer
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This past weekend I had my Fall Sessions at Coopers Rock. It was phenomenally beautiful! We had so much fun with all the families and kids I decided to open a few sessions this Saturday! I have two spots left open if you would like some lovely fall photos like these of your kids, family, pets, or engagement! :) Email amberlee@amberleechristey.com for more info!


1_Marshall_Fall_Minis083_WEB 2_Adriene_Fall_Minis005_WEB 3_Burns_Fall_Minis280_WEB 4_McCabe_Fall_Minis023_WEB 5_Lanham_Fall_Minis045_WEB 6_Marshall_Fall_Minis005_WEB 7_Adriene_Fall_Minis143_WEB 8_Burns_Fall_Minis128_WEB Lanham_Fall_Minis151_WEB9_McCabe_Fall_Minis098_WEB 10_McMillen_Fall_Minis026_WEB 11_Rigden_Fall_Minis026_WEB 12_Marshall_Fall_Minis024_WEB 13_McMillen_Fall_Minis039_WEB 14_Lanham_Fall_Minis121_WEB 15_Adriene_Fall_Minis044_WEB 16_Burns_Fall_Minis012_WEB 17_Rigden_Fall_Minis054_WEBLanham_Fall_Minis101_WEB 19_Burns_Fall_Minis086_WEB 20_McCabe_Fall_Minis017_WEB 21_Rigden_Fall_Minis012_WEB 22_Burns_Fall_Minis348_WEB

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